Having a pool requires a lot of maintenance, especially if you want to keep it looking and functioning in the best possible way. One aspect of this is pool deck resurfacing, which is important in ensuring that it looks great and remains safe for you and your family. 

Are you wanting to enhance your pool’s look and ensure it’s ready for swimming season? Then investing in pool deck resurfacing is an excellent way to achieve this. However, will your money be well spent? How long do these surfaces last before they need replacing again? Let us explore this further. 

What is Pool Deck Resurfacing? 

Pool deck resurfacing is restoring the pool deck to its original, pristine condition. It is done by removing existing materials from the pool, such as paint and sealant, and then applying a new layer of material. It could be anything from concrete to stone, pavers, or even natural pebbles. 

The type of resurfacing material you choose will depend on pool size, budget, desired look and feel, and how much maintenance you’re willing to undertake. 

concrete swimming pool deck

What factors Contribute to the Longevity of a Resurfaced Pool Deck? 

Remembering pool deck resurfacing is not a one-time job, no matter how much of an investment you make. It will require regular maintenance to keep it looking good and functioning optimally. Depending on the materials used in resurfacing, this can include cleaning, resealing, and even repainting. 

The longevity of the concrete pool deck resurfacing depends on the following major factors: 

Diamond Brite Pool deck renovation

Foot Traffic 

If your pool and surrounding area experience considerable foot traffic, this can reduce the longevity of any resurfacing job. As such, selecting a higher-grade material is essential if you want it to stand up against regular wear and tear. It is especially true when dealing with heavy foot traffic in areas near your pool. What may work for one circumstance might not be ideal for another; opt for tougher and sturdier materials so they last longer! 

Weather Conditions 

Depending on where you live, the climate can significantly impact how long resurfaced pool deck will last. Scorching heat and cold both take a toll, causing cracks that are less likely to form in more moderate weather conditions. The extreme elements of your area could lead to significantly shorter lifespans for your pool surface. 


Remember that, despite being a permanent solution, resurfacing your pool deck will eventually fade and discolor. Regular cleaning and resealing or repainting is essential for maintaining the longevity of your newly resurfaced pool deck. Don’t let all the hard work you put into making sure your outdoor swimming area looks great to go to waste – invest in proper maintenance!

Pool Water Chemicals 

The pool water’s pH, chlorine levels, and other chemicals can also impact pool deck resurfacing. These chemicals cause a reaction that eats away at pool deck surfaces over time if not handled properly. Keeping pool chemistry within your desired parameters is essential to preserving the life of pool deck surface materials. 


The worst enemy of resurfacing a pool deck is moisture. A pool area and surface should shed water to prevent pool deck materials from becoming weak or mold-ridden. You can control moisture levels with proper drainage systems and by properly removing pool covers when the pool is in use. 

Reliability of the Installer 

Finally, pool deck resurfacing is only as good as the installer you hire. You want to be sure installers have plenty of experience and can offer references or proof that their work has stood the test of time. Take their word for it, but shop around and ask for evidence! 

What is the Lifespan of A Pool Deck Resurfacing? 

Generally, a pool deck should resurface every 10-15 years. However, it can vary depending on the location, the material, whether a stamped concrete pool deck or the like, and maintenance. Resurfacing your pool deck is a long-term investment. Long-term savings are possible if it is done properly with quality materials. 

pool deck in natural pebble

To get the best and longest-lasting pool deck resurfacing job possible, it’s always a wise idea to enlist the help of professional pool resurfacers like Creative Resurfacing Solutions. Whether you need coating or simply resurfacing your decking area, you’ll want to select competent installers like them who use only high-grade materials for optimal results.  

Don’t skimp on quality when taking care of such an important part of your backyard landscape – hire experienced professionals and rest assured that your pool will look amazing now and in years to come!