Creative Resurfacing provides expert commercial concrete floor installations throughout Florida. We specialize in customized, low-maintenance concrete floors that provide the beauty, durability and slip-resistance that commercial retailers, offices and warehouses need. We can transform an ordinary concrete slab into a marvel of color and design.

Epoxy and Metallic Flooring

Epoxy coatings work well to raise the visibility and durability of large surface areas. Epoxies are nearly three times stronger than concrete to support high volume pedestrian and equipment traffic. They come in a wide variety of colors and may also include slip-resistant finishes. Epoxy is an excellent choice to showcase embedded business logos and graphics. It is the first choice for large-area warehouses, garages, shops and aircraft hangars. When your floor needs to be the focal point of your room, Metallic Epoxy is the solution. When metallic pigments are added to an epoxy floor, the result is a truly unique 3D floor with incredible flow and variation.

Polished and Semi-Polished Stained Flooring

Creative Resurfacing provides beautiful polished and semi-polished stained concrete floors. These floors are durable, economical, and easily maintained. Our Semi-Polished floors offer the look of a fully polished floor with more control over the sheen (gloss or matte), a stronger finish than regular polished concrete, and the benefit of adding slip-resistant additives to the floor.

More About Our Company

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