A Florida home is the ideal place for experiencing outdoor life with all the delights that come with it. Textured pool decks, lanais and front entries make your outdoor spaces comfortable and inviting and allow them to showcase your home. When it comes to repairs, our staff are the best at the job. We can make it look beyond new.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete Pool Decks & Lanais Enhanced

Your family spends a lot of time outdoors in Florida so it’s important to have those spaces looking their best. The look should be designed to fit your house, your style and your budget. Color matching to the rest of the house is important, which is why we work with Sherwin Williams to supply thousands of color choices, not just a few. A proper design will also take into account the surroundings. Are there trees or shrubs nearby which shed leaves, pollen and bird droppings? Do you have a hotel or commercial space with heavy traffic? If so, a color scheme such as Pebble Path© which distracts the eye may be a good choice. Are there existing cracks? Scoreline© can incorporate those cracks into an attractive random pattern and geometric patterns should be avoided. What is the proper balance between cleanability and non-skid? Selecting one usually involves a trade-off of the other. Does your deck get hot? Not only do our decorative concrete coatings look amazing but some of our products are also cooler than regular concrete. Some by as much as 20 degrees! Our experienced project managers will help you achieve the right design for you.

Design Choices

We offer many choices of colors, textures and patters for your pool deck, lanais or walkway. So many, in fact, it can be overwhelming. Let us help by providing you with our three most popular styles, each carefully tailored to fit your house, commercial property, your style and your budget.

Concrete Pool Decks & Lanais Enhanced
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Pacific Stone & Tile©

The Pacific© family of products offers very attractive patterns which emulate the look of outdoor living spaces created by laying random tiles or stones in a bed of grout. These elegant and modern designs will significantly enhance the look of any property.

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Coastal Textures©

The Coastal Textures series offers five different textures combined with a multitude of color choices and optional decorative patterns and effects to achieve strikingly good-looking finishes.The Coastal Textures series includes many budget-friendly options.

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Coastal Textures
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California Woodgrain©

The California Woodgrain© family of products offers the durability of concrete with the look of real wood planks. It is designed to capture the natural beauty of wood in applications where the high durability of concrete is required. Choice of three colors.

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Elevate your outdoor space with our premium paver installations. Whether it’s a cozy lanai, an inviting walkway, or a luxurious pool deck, our skilled craftsmen seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Choose from a diverse range of materials – brick, concrete, porcelain, stone, or travertine – to perfectly complement your property’s charm. Experience the blend of durability and elegance, tailored to match your vision.

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