“Creative Resurfacing was built from the ground up to be a different kind of construction company.”

A Company is Only as Good as its People

Competitors hope to find free-lance workers who know what they are doing. Therefore, we prefer not to leave it to chance so we created a nationally regarded training program known as the “Karate Belt System” to train our workforce. As a result, employees study material data sheets, safety information, training videos and learn hands-on skills. Our trainees start out as White Belts and under the supervision of our higher belts, build their skills over months and years to the highest level of Black Belt. Due to this your job will only be installed by a lead installer who has achieved the proper belt for your project – guaranteed.

Construction Projects are not a Place for High-Pressure Sales

Most noteworthy, while the rest of the industry goes for high pressure sales tactics coming from poorly trained salespeople who are paid a commission, Creative Resurfacing goes a different path. As a result, we promote sales people and managers who have committed months or years to rise through our training programs because they know what they are talking about. We also pay them a salary and not a commission because we want them to focus on project management, not sales. Furthermore, a sale is not the end of the process, it’s the beginning! It doesn’t end until we have exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The 3 T’s

Most noteworthy, we put our installers in a position to succeed with the “3 T’s” of management – Talk, Train and Tools. “Talk” to them about the goals. “Train” them to do the job well, and provide them with the proper “Tools”. Even more, our crews each have a 16’ trailer stocked with everything to do the job properly. Hence we use state-of-the art equipment for the reason that we can get the job done fast and efficiently.

Have the Right Credentials

The construction industry is known for fly-by-night cowboys so be sure you know who you are dealing with. Creative Resurfacing is a 14-year old company and we are Accredited and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Check out our reviews. We are the largest in our industry in South Florida with the most locations. We are also a Florida licensed General Contractor with bonding and a high level of insurance. We will be around when others may not. Here are some industry issues to be aware of.

Lead-Gen Companies – Some decorative concrete companies aren’t really decorative concrete installers at all. They are lead-generation companies who collect leads and sell them to real installation companies. They have great looking websites but no installers.

Our team of experts will work together to determine your needs for stamped concrete, concrete repair, polished concrete, or concrete resurfacing. We are a full-service provider of concrete repair throughout Florida.

Business History of their Supplier – Many companies claim to have been in business for many years and have dozens of locations. In truth, they are claiming the history of their material supplier, not their own. You can find the history of every Florida company at the Sunbiz website.

Warranties – Companies are often not in business long enough to honor their warranties. Also, limited warranties often exclude more items than they cover. Warranties that cover only the materials may only cover a small portion of the total job.

Licensing – Some Florida counties and municipalities require licensing and/or registration for decorative concrete work and may assess large fines and criminal penalties for violations. Verify the proper licensing.

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