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Your #1 Choice for High-Quality Concrete Resurfacing Services in Florida

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your concrete patio, driveway, walkway, or pool deck, decorative concrete resurfacing is becoming an increasingly popular and cost-efficient way to give your existing concrete a makeover. Here at Creative Resurfacing, we provide superior concrete resurfacing services for residential and commercial clients throughout Florida.


Concrete Resurfacing Solutions provide the widest array of decorative concrete resurfacing products in your local area.

Our experienced contractors have the skills and expertise to transform any space with decorative overlays that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Give your dull old surfaces a makeover with our variety of decorative options, including stamped concrete, polished concrete, epoxy coatings, and concrete overlays.

We only use high-quality materials and resurfacing methods for your home and business because we understand how much it means to you. We’ve been in the resurfacing concrete industry for more than a decade, so we can give you incredible results that will last. Our contractors are experienced and highly motivated about what they do, which is why we’re always able to deliver on our promises.

If you’re searching for “concrete resurfacing contractors near me,” your quest ends here at Creative Resurfacing Solutions. We would be happy to help you learn more about concrete resurfacing options! We would be delighted to help you establish a stunning decorative finish that will bring years of enjoyment!

What Our Customers Say

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Our Services

stamped concrete floor

Stamped Concrete, FL

What is stamped concrete? It is a decorative and cost-effective way to enhance your outdoor space. At Creative Resurfacing Solutions, we specialize in customizing stamped concrete walkways, stamped concrete driveways, stamped concrete patios, and other creative projects that will add beauty and value to your home or business. Our experienced team of stamped concrete contractors are experts in the latest techniques and materials to ensure your project comes out with the highest quality and lasting results.

Our stamped concrete designs are available in various stamped concrete patterns, colors, and textures. We can help you create a unique look that reflects your individuality and style. We offer classic brick-like, stone-like, and wood-like finishes if you’re looking for something more traditional. Would you like a “stamped concrete patio near me“? We provide creative, out-of-the-box, stamped concrete patio ideas that suit any outdoor theme or aesthetic.At Creative Resurfacing Solutions, our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and the best possible solution for your stamped concrete project. No matter what you need – we are the stamped concrete contractors that can bring your project to life.

Decorative Concrete, FL

Decorative concrete is a term many homeowners and business owners in Florida use when looking for contractors to jazz up their existing concrete features. At Creative Resurfacing Solutions, your home or business can look upgraded and new with our decorative concrete resurfacing techniques. We specialize in concrete overlay, epoxy floor coating, polished concrete, and stained concrete, sure to bring life to common areas.

We provide decorative concrete overlay products, such as polished concrete and epoxy coatings. Look no further in searching concrete overlay contractors near you because, among others, our decorative concrete contractors have considerable experience doing decorative concrete driveways and can transform any space with their expertise. We also offer decorative concrete overlay patio ideas and can work with you to customize the design to fit your requirement.

We’re dedicated to giving you durable and appropriate solutions for your concrete overlay driveways and patios, whether you need them repaired or want to spruce up your outdoor space. Our latest technology, materials, and techniques for decorative concrete overlay services ensure the maintenance of the value and integrity of your property.

decorative concrete resurfacing

We proudly serve clients in all major Florida metro areas, doing our utmost to provide the best service possible. Creative Resurfacing Solutions answers your search for “concrete overlay near me” and “decorative concrete contractors near me.” Let us help you make your home or business stand out.

pool deck resurfaing

Pool Deck Resurfacing, FL

If your pool deck looks worn out, we recommend concrete pool deck resurfacing. This process will take an old and tired-looking deck and transform it into something new again by incorporating techniques we have mastered through serving our clients over the years. We can resurface any pool deck in almost any condition, from peeling paint to cracks and chips in the concrete.

Moreover, we can help you breathe new life into your pool through our pool deck resurfacing ideas tailored specifically to your needs. At Creative Resurfacing Solutions, we have a stamped concrete pool deck for everyone. We have everything from basic and simple designs to more intricate and detailed ones. No matter what you’re looking for, whether you want something basic or a unique design, we have a wide selection of colors, textures, and finishes. Our experienced pool deck resurfacing technicians will work with you to develop a plan that caters to your personal preferences, budget, and timeline.

If you’re embarrassed about your pool area, don’t be! Our cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete will leave your guests impressed. Surf the internet no further for “pool deck resurfacing near me.” Creative Resurfacing Solutions is who you can trust to make your home look its best.

Driveway Resurfacing, FL

If your parking lot or driveway is in shoddy condition, don’t worry! There are ways for driveway repair so that it looks brand new again. One method is concrete driveway resurfacing, which has become popular for businesses and homeowners who want their outside spaces to look impeccable once more. This technique uses a combination of concrete stamping, decorative concrete, and other techniques to restore yet provide a stylish look that will impress anyone.

At Creative Resurfacing Solutions, we recognize the importance of ensuring your driveway looks its best. We use a combination of modern techniques and traditional methods to create the perfect resurfaced driveway for your property. We design stamped concrete driveways to make textured patterns that give off a uniquely stylish look and are customizable according to your preference. Additionally, we offer decorative concrete driveways for refinishing your existing driveway surface.

Our company strives to provide the best quality services for all our clients. Let us be your choice when you search for “driveway resurfacing near me.” We guarantee quality craftsmanship among driveway resurfacing companies and guarantee satisfaction.

driveway resurfacing
epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring, FL

The Polyaspartic Floor Coating Experts

Do you want to enjoy the protection and beauty of durable epoxy garage flooring? Creative Resurfacing Solutions, known for epoxy flooring services, provides expertise in high quality concrete resurfacing polyaspartic floor coatings. Our certified technicians specialize in polyaspartic garage floor coating, metallic epoxy flooring, and commercial/industrial floor coatings. We solidify our experience through years of creating beautiful, long-lasting epoxy floors for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

You’ll be delighted that our epoxy garage floor installers only use top-of-the-line polyaspartic coating that provide superior wear protection and performance. Our epoxy floor coatings stand up to chemicals, abrasions, and even hot tire pick-up. In addition to our garage epoxy flooring services, we also offer a Rapid Garage System. It has a unique five-step process including diamond grinding, fast-curing polyaspartic, your choice of color flakes, and chemical resistant top coat. Surely, this system will provide a superb showroom-quality finish for your garage space.

At Creative Resurfacing Solutions, we pride ourselves as a garage floor epoxy company that delivers quality craft and excellent customer service. We always deliver what we promise, so you can be confident in choosing us for your resurfacing needs. If you need epoxy flooring near you, our team of professionals are here for you.

Pool Resurfacing, FL

Don’t settle with your old, outdated pool! Let swimming pool resurfacing experts like Creative Resurfacing Solutions help you create the sanctuary of your dreams. Pool remodeling is your ticket to transforming your residential or commercial pool into a backyard paradise and looking for “pool renovations near me.” We are Florida”s go-to pool renovation and resurfacing services to provide you with the perfect combination of luxury, design, and functionality.

As a trusted pool resurfacing company in Florida, we offer a natural pebble pool finish (called River Rok) that is highly durable and can provide you with various design options. We use cutting-edge technology to create quality pool finishes that will give your swimming pool a great look. Our expert team is ready to work quickly and efficiently so that your experience is hassle-free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our satisfied customers can attest to our company’s impeccable work, as we are their top pick when they search for “pool resurfacing companies near me.” If you’re ready to make your pool look better than ever and have some fun while doing it, then look no further because we offer the best pool resurfacing to withstand the Florida elements.

pool resurfacing

Experience Elegance like Never Before with our Paver Installation Service on the Gulf Coast

Serving Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater

Discover a new standard in outdoor living with Creative Resurfacing Solutions top-tier paver installation services in Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. Our broad selection of premium pavers elevates ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary settings.

Our Diverse Paver Offerings

We offer a selection of six distinct paver types to match any style or application

white and tan brick paver

Brick Pavers

Experience a timeless, classic appeal.

backyard fire concrete paver

Concrete Pavers

Choose durability that doesn’t compromise style.

gray bullnose pool coping

Coping Pavers

Add a striking finish to your pool deck or steps.

outdoor porcelain pavers pool decks

Porcelain Pavers

Embrace an upscale, modern touch.

cobble stone walkway

Stone Pavers

Opt for a natural aesthetic that complements any space.

ivory travertine pool

Travertine Pavers

Enjoy the timeless beauty and unique warmth of travertine.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces:
Our Array of Paver Projects

Driveway Pavers: Grace Your Home’s Entryway

Welcome your guests and yourself with the exquisite charm of our driveway pavers. From the classic appeal of brick to the hard-wearing durability of concrete, we offer options that transform your driveway from a mere parking spot into your home’s red carpet.

driveway paver under construction
paver patterns walkway

Walkway Pavers: Craft Your Pathway with Elegance

Reinvent your walkways with our meticulously crafted pavers. Exude your refined taste with each step, as our walkway pavers harmoniously blend function and aesthetic appeal, turning your pathways into a testament of style with brick, concrete, porcelain, stone, or even travertine materials.

Patio Pavers: Breathe Life into Your Outdoor Haven

Elevate your outdoor retreat with our high-quality brick, porcelain, concrete, travertine, and stone patio pavers. Seamlessly blending utility and aesthetics, our pavers offer the perfect setting for a tranquil sunrise coffee or a vibrant sunset soiree.

woodf finish porcelain pavers
stone paver pool deck

Pool Deck Pavers: Luxury Surrounding Your Pool

Make the area around your pool as inviting as the water with our premium pool deck pavers of coping, brick, and stone. Further, enhancing the ambiance, each swim or sunbathing session becomes a deluxe experience with our travertine, porcelain, and concrete solutions.

Exclusively available in Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, we invite you to experience the transformative magic of our pavers installation service. Beyond simply installing pavers, we’re committed to creating settings that mirror your personality and elevate your lifestyle. Are you ready to redefine your outdoor space?

Now Offering “No Contact” Sales & Installation.

welcome to Florida

Durable Concrete Surfaces to Withstand the Florida Weather

Florida is a wonderful place for homeowners and entrepreneurs to establish themselves with its plethora of prospects, yet the warmth and humidity that blanket the state can be punishing on buildings and other forms of property. That’s why durability should be protected when it comes to concrete surfaces in Florida – you need your structure to last! To ensure your property remains safe, sturdy, and attractive no matter what mother nature throws at it, carefully consider which type of concrete works best for your project before beginning construction.

Fortunately, Creative Resurfacing Solutions provides ample techniques to ensure that your concrete projects withstand the test of time and look spectacular. If you want to create a unique, individualized style and add some spruced-up sophistication to your property, look no further! Our services offer a range of options – from concrete stamping, which emulates brick or tile designs on external surfaces; concrete overlay with special sealants that can fight off Florida’s climate; decorative resurfacing for the modern or rustic touch; epoxy floor coating and staining for protection against harsh weather. Everything is taken care of because we’ve covered it all!

At Creative Resurfacing Solutions in Florida, we provide custom solutions that fit every budget. Our experienced professionals utilize cutting-edge technologies and techniques to ensure top-quality concrete flooring resurfacing results for any surface. With our help, you can transform your concrete floors into beautiful, durable surfaces that last years.

Don’t settle for a bare concrete floor. Invest in the solutions we can offer you today and enjoy your floor like never before. Call Creative Resurfacing Solutions now and experience the best service in Florida!

Your Dependable Concrete Resurfacing Solution Provider in

Creative Resurfacing Solutions is a top-rated company offering concrete resurfacing ideas to our customers in Florida. In addition to being professional, we excel at delivering high-quality work on time. We have stood out because of our excellent reputation, ample experience, and outstanding attention to detail.

Our highest-quality Sherwin Williams product lines offer a broad spectrum of patterns and colors, and have over 1,500 color options. Look no further if you’re looking to fix your concrete pool deck, patio, driveway, pool interior, or garage for concrete floor resurfacing! We’ll have a solution that perfectly fits your needs, from polished concrete floors to possibly doing different concrete patio resurfacing ideas. Now is the time to infuse new life into your concrete floor! We offer many options for stained concrete floors and can customize the look to match your home’s interior. You’ll love the results – With our resurfacing services will give your indoor and outdoor areas a brand-new look.

With our decorative concrete systems, including Coastal Textures, Pacific Tile, Pacific Stone, California Woodgrain, Rapid Garage, Dex-Guard decorative waterproofing, and commercial epoxy coating, you’ll be sure to find something that meets your tastes. Our experienced staff will recommend the most appropriate materials for your project and assist in designing, even if it’s for a concrete patio resurfacing solution to match your budget.

So, stop the hassle of finding concrete resurfacing near you because Creative Resurfacing Solutions is here to help you. Call us today for the best quality and value regarding concrete resurfacing! We can’t wait to help you design a home that feels like your own oasis.

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